Photographers, you deserve so much more credit than people give you!  As you know, your business goes far beyond showing up to shoots, snapping pictures and then going home to edit and deliver those images. What most people don't see is the juggling act it takes to run a successful photography business. The planning, corresponding, location scouting, shooting, marketing, blogging, social media content curation, editing, ordering albums, etc..the list goes on!!  To stay competitive and on top of everything often comes at the expense of the things and people that matter most to you.  Sometimes something has to give.  What if you could hand over your editing?  How much vitality could your business and life take on if you weren't stuck behind your computer as much? 

It isn't easy giving up control.  You've worked so hard to build a unique brand, and your clients know what to expect from you.  However, how is doing it all yourself working out for you?  My guess is it's getting heavy and costly.  I want to assure you there is another way.  There is more freedom to be had; more joy to be found in your work; and more business waiting for you if you are willing to put your trust in outsourcing.   Allow me to help you breathe a little easier by taking on your editing, so you can share your gifts with more passion and vigor, as well as get your life back!

What is it costing you to do it all?

You will have access to my schedulers (both wedding and portrait sessions) and can book an appointment for any available time slot up to 90 days in advance.    

plan ahead 

Book an appointment

Prepare your Catalog

We will be building and exchanging smart previews in Lightroom.  

You will also need to create an anchor image (aka a pre edited image) for every lighting and scenario change that I will base my editing off of. 

If you are not familiar how to do one or both of the above, no worries, you will receive detailed instructions upon onbaording.

Build Smart Previews and create anchor images

Upload your catalog

Once you have prepared your catalog to be edited, you will compress and export your smart previews file and simply drag and drop it into my custom WeTransfer page.  It's a lot like drop box, and you will not need an account of your own for this.  This is where we will send all files back and forth.  

Easy as Drag and drop!

Enjoy your free time

Once I receive your files and make sure everything looks ready to go, I will let you know all is well and I will begin the editing.  I have a 3-6 business day turnaround time.  Meanwhile, YOU get to decide how you will enjoy your newfound freedom from editing!  

Wait as I edit your Catalog for you

Catalog delivery and feedback

You'll receive an email with a downlaod link from me once your edits are complete.  You will then import the edited catalog file into that original catalog in Lightroom (instructions provided); and watch as all my edits are applied to your images!  

You will then look over the edits and give me any feedback you see fit.  I have a virtual feedback system set up so we can show each other feedback as opposed to trying to explain via text.  

That is it!  I have made this process easy and painless, and I will be here to guide you through it all.

Look over the edits






About My Process

the process

✔️More Profitability while       working less

✔️Faster turn around times that wow your clients

✔️rediscovering                   your Passion for your work

✔️rescue from burnout

✔️staying on top of your         marketing and blogging

✔️more availability for           shoots

✔️more peace and sanity

✔️being able to serve your clients better

✔️More time to do the things that are calling you

✔️feeling like you are finally getting the ROI you deserve

✔️more time for life and         loved ones

✔️less time behind a screen

✔️hAving a life beyond work

✔️more control over your       time and schedule


Are you ready for...

COntact me

+ A private editor dedicated to your business and success
+ Consistent edits that match your unique brand and style
+ Standard edits include Develop panel adjustments in Lightroom (including cropping and straightening)
+ Local adjustments offered upon request & for an additional cost (we will discuss price prior to editing)
+ Preset/profile application if you use them
+ A virtual feedback system, so I can better learn your style and preferences
+ An easy to use online file sharing system
+ PDF instructions for comprehensive file transfer
+ A 3-6 business day turn around time
+ Access to my schedulers to book appointments for upcoming portrait or wedding sessions

What is includeD:


Your Investment

A free trial run is an excellent way for you to see how this process works.  It will also give each of us an opportunity to see if we are a good fit for each other.  Click the button below to schedule a free trial run.  You will be then be prompted to fill out a quick style questionnaire.  From there, you will receive an email explaining the next steps.  

Try before you commit!

Send 40 images or less

Schedule a Free Trial Run

Book a free Trial run

Next Step Options...

Option One...

Perhaps you've landed here during busy season and you want to skip the trial run and secure your spot on my client list.  I hear ya!  Nothing sounds better than getting time back!  I'd love to credit you 50 free images on your first catalog for jumping right in (not applied if you have had a previous free trial run).  My onboarding process is informative and simple.  Click the button below and let's get you going!  Congratulations, your new found freedom awaits you!

Waste no more time

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Option Two...

Whether you are still unsure or ready to become a client, consultation calls are an important part of the process.  We can get to know each other, go over my process in greater detail, and see if we'd be a good fit!  Looking forward to meeting you!

Let's chat!

free 30 min call

Book a
consultation Call


Option Three...

No, in order to avoid exchanging large files, we will be building and exchanging Smart Previews in Lightroom.  I will be providing instructions on how to create those, if you are not familiar with them.  If you'd like to learn more about Smart Previews, I highly recommend watching this youtube video! 

Yes.  Anchor images are the best way for me to learn your unique style, as well as help me deliver consistent and accurate edits that match your style.  It leaves the guess work out of it so I can remain true to your style.  

There is not an exact number, but you will need to edit at least one anchor image for each lighting and scenario change.  

At this time, I exclusively use the latest updated version of Lightroom Classic for all my editing services.  

I do not offer re-edits.  The very best way for me to learn your style is for you to give me feedback after each catalog I edit and deliver.  I welcome that feedback and I am dedicated to learning your preferences and style.  I will keep notes for upcoming appointments and continue to improve with each and every catalog.  Working with a private photo editor may require a little patience at first as I learn your unique editing patterns and preferences; however, our open communication will soon lead to the freedom and outcome you are looking for!  

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